Hair will not be white for life

Avoid Bazaar Shampoo This is the biggest culprit for graying hair.


1: Raw pomegranate head
2: Half a towel
3: Black sole oil
4: Soap

(Hair will not be white for life)


Cut a medium-sized raw pomegranate and its head with a knife. Make a hole in it and put half a pound of it. The juice of raw pomegranate was cut. Put the thread in it again and tie it. Then hang the tied pomegranate under a shady tree or shady place. Put it in a small bottle or bottle. At least once a week before going to bed, put the oil on the palm of your hand and massage it on the scalp. Get up in the morning and wash your head with a good soap.
Doing this at least once a week will never make your hair white, and applying it to white hair will make the hair that grows out again black.


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