When we talk about skin care mostly people think about the face beauty. But it does not only concern with face beauty but also whole body skin. Including your arms feet and neck also. Protection and care of the things can make them more adorable.


  • Like if you have hairs short or long in length. You need extra care of them then hairs will seems more attractive and beautiful. If you do protein treatment or oiling them. Growth of hairs will be definitely amazing.


  • Mostly people have face skin allergy, acnes, small patches and dry patches and  many other face problems. From avoiding those problems you first need to try to keep your face moisturize.
  • Use a good type of moisturizer not a local moisturizer that temporarily gives you good result and later on it destroys the skin.
  • Cleanse your face thrice in a week with a good cleansing milk lotion.
  • keep your body hydrated and nutrient. Hydrated means to drink more water at least 8 liters in a day.
  • Not just water is the solution but you should take healthy (nutrient) diet as well.
  • Use a good soap and try to take your soap and towel separate in case of any allergic person in your home. Because soap and towel may transfer the bacteria from one to another person.
  • Use mixture of glycerin, rose water, honey and lemon instead of using any lotion.
  • Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in a day that makes you fresh and your skin glow.
  • Make potato and cucumber pieces to apply on your face it works like bleach of your face and remove dark circles too.


The way to enhance the beauty of hands and feet or for any other parts you may follow the tips.

skin care

  • To makes your hands and feet beautiful, massage them daily before sleeping.
  • Cut your nails properly it makes your personality more adorable.
  • Massage with good quality lotion. You can massage them with honey and aloe Vera gel.
  • Aloe Vera gel and honey are the best solution that can make your dead cell active and make skin fresh.
  • Mix lemon, shampoo and baking soda in the little hot water and dip your hands and feet for ten minutes.
  • After dipping you may cleanse them for five minutes and you will see amazing results.
  • These are home made tips which you can easily try.
  • It is not for hands and feet but you can apply for other body parts you feel that needs brighten.


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