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6 Safeway to make you healthy and save from risks

1. Health News: CT scans can increase cancer risk
From the California University in San Francisco, Dr. Rebecca Smith-Bindman states that. Such scans may cause the other 29,000 new cancers a year that can lead to over 14,500 deaths all over the world.
Earlier, this study had suggested that an average American’s total distribution had doubled since 1980. And this is primarily because of such CT scans.
The study author Smith-Bind man of the New York daily news has quoted that “It’s simply very terrible. Whatever we do with medicine has some risks and advantages”
According to the expert report, a particular scan may not be harmful but openness can raise the risk of cancer.

2. Nutrition Health: Say goodbye to diseases

Nutrition Health Everyone of us wants to get mentally and physically fit. In order to get fit, we need to have good health. And for good health, we required a healthy and balanced diet. Many people suffer from a number of chronic diseases that badly affect our minds as well as the body. We fall off from all these diseases due to the lack of a nutritious diet. Health problems like cancer, diabetes, jaundice, etc badly attacked on our body. Just to fight from all such diseases, we should take better and good nutrition health.
We should not eat junk food as they are not good for health. Always take fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses. These are the good sources of food that keep us healthy and fit. Our body needs more and more minerals and vitamins. One thing that we should always keep in mind is that we should eat that food that can be easily digested. Read the rest of this entry

3. Health News: Christmas can increase diabetes risk in people.

Diabetes Experts have warned that Christmas could have increased the risk of diabetes for millions of people. Charity Diabetes UK said that eating and drinking too much over the festive period. It can increase the risk of developing prediabetes which is under-diagnosed. The symptomless condition that puts you up to 15 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.
The Charity also said that the high-calorie food enjoyed by most of the people over Christmas can rise up their weight in a short period of time. The recommended calorie intake of 2,000 a day for women and 2,500 for men can quickly exceed with mince pies containing. About 200 calories each, Christmas cake with 250 calories per slice and mulled wine at 250 calories a glass. Read the rest of this entry
4. Vitamin C: Slows the rate of getting aged
vitamin C i.e. known as a remedy for the common cold has also shown down the aging process. A study has shown that it facilitates the output of embryonic-like stem cells from the adult cells.
It has been known that adult cells can be reprogrammed into cells with characteristics similar to embryonic stem cells. Turning on a select set of genes, over the past few years.
Most of the embryonic stem cells are derived from the embryos that develop from eggs fertilized in vitro in a fertilization clinic. Read the rest of this entry
5. Tomato Seeds: For healthy & fit life
Tomato SeedsWant to know about the secret of a long and healthy life? A new study has suggested trying some tomato seeds for this.
Researchers in Britain have found that a natural ingredient in tomato seeds, called the ‘Fruitflow’. Which was discovered by Prof Asim Dutta Roy of the Rowett Institute who is an Indian by origin in 1999, is a key component to a long and healthy life.
“According to the researchers, the ingredient, derived from the gel around tomato seeds. It prevents blood from becoming sticky and clotting”, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.
Clinical trials have revealed that the colorless and tasteless gel can help to uphold a healthy blood circulation. This gel can be preventing the clumping of blood platelets which can lead to clots. Read the rest of this entry
6. Marigolds: A Treatment for Blindness?
MarigoldsIt is hard to believe that marigolds can treat blindness. British optician has claimed to have regained his sight by taking the food supplements. In this containing the extracts from the orange flower.
A 73-year-old man feared that after developing dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Which is a condition responsible for half of all cases of blindness in England, he would loose his sight completely.
The retired optician said that his vision in the right eye had become very bad. He could not get anywhere without the help of his wife and he was even bearing in mind learning Braille when the disease affected his left eye

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