As some people want themselves fit and healthy. They are health conscious. If they gain 1kg weight out of their normal weight. Then they think to lose  the weight. In our daily life, we observe many exercises in the gym and at home too. For example cardio exercises and stretching etc. But today we will talk about aerobic exercises.

aerobic exercises

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The word aerobic means about the air and oxidative thing. These exercises may be of any time which uses oxygen. These are also called oxidative exercises. When you do exercise, you start taking breathe long. In this case, your body needs more oxygen to breathe. By using more oxygen you can take breathe easily. This type of exercise refers to use oxygen.


When you do exercise at daily routine. You are giving a relief and benefit to your body. Exercise not only change the shape of body but change the state of mind as well. No doubt a healthy mind can work more and good than an unhealthy brain. Brain is the main organ of body but it does not mean rest of the organs are useless. As heart is important than brain. So we need to keep all of them fit. Ever exercise has its benefits we will discuss here about the aerobic exercises.

  • Due to the exercise, you will safe from heart attacks and diabetic problem.
  • Some people suffers a serious problem of paralyses. They lose strength to move. Exercise may save you from this problem too.
  • We can save ourselves from cancer risk and strokes.
  • It can also help us to lose our weight.
  • It helps us to control our blood pressure.
  • Useful to control asthma problems and control the regulation of blood.
  • Increase the strength of muscles too.

To watch aerobic exercises check the video.

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