.Human Body Fitness

STRETCHING IS GOOD FOR HUMAN BODY FITNESS.  There are some exercises which are good for Human Body Fitness. And stretching is one of them. Furthermore today we will talk about the benefits of stretching. 8 BENEFITS OF STRETCHING FOR HUMAN BODY FITNESS. 1. Increases flexibility of your body: Regular stretching can help the increase your […]

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Sleepwalkers do dangerous things while asleep.

Sleepwalkers do dangerous things while asleep. In our daily life we observe different things that happens in different way. Sleeping is the routine task when we get tired our body demand for rest. Allah Almighty make day for work and night for rest(sleep). So you can gauge that how important sleep is.  But we hear […]

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How depression effects your brain and mood?

How depression effects your brain and mood? In our daily life we observe people with different disease. But they are physically sick and after sometime of medication they get cured. But some people who are mentally ill and can not behave normally. They get angry and rarely they get happy. This is called depression. Depression […]

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Health Tips for adults

Health Tips for adults Good health is essential part of life. If you take healthy diet it means you have enough energy to work and live a better life. But if you do not take healthy diet, it means you have not enough energy. Some health tips are here: Healthy diet makes you stronger. Always […]

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healthy life

Healthy Lifestyle according to Islam and Sunnah

Healthy Life style according to Islam and Sunnah It is important to maintain a healthy life style as our body impacts our abilities to fulfill our duties as a Muslim. Your Body is a Trust Both our body and mind have been entrusted to us by Allah as a trust. We should take good care […]

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Good health of nails shows your health good.

Your nails are mirror of your health

Your nails are mirror of your health A nail is horn-like keratin plate at the tips of the fingers and toes. Fingernails and toenails are made of tough protective protein called alpha-keratin.which is found in hooves, horns, hairs and claws and nails as well. Due to imbalance diet somehow we get nails problem. We can […]

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Best Foods

Best Foods for Fitness

Start With Best foods Whole-Grain Cereal. If you don’t have enough to eat before you exercise, you may not have enough gas in the tank. You might burn fewer calories, too. Have some healthy carbs at least an hour in advance of your workout.Try a bowl of whole-grain cereal with skim milk or some whole […]

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سبزیوں کے فوائد

جیسا کہ ہم سب جانتے ہیں سبزیاں صحت کے لیے نہایت مفید ہیں الحمدللہ ہمارا تعلق ایسے ملک سے ہے جہاں ہر موسم کے لیے مختلف سبزیاں پائی جاتی ہیں،مختلف سبزیوں سے وٹامنز اور منرلز مل سکتے ہیں، سبزیوں کے بیت سے فوائد ہیں لہذا سبزیاں  کھائیں اور بیماریاں بھگائیں۔           […]

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Use of salt in food | Use of Salt

Use of Salt in food. As our ladies use salt in most of the food. It is use to enhance the taste of the food. Some people use it at the end of cooked food but some use it while cooking. If we use salt at the end it hits our tongue directly. Salt are […]

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Immune system:

Immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins, which helps body to fight off disease and germs which are cause to disease or serious viruses. Strong immune system can help you to get a healthy body, while weak immune system can put you in difficulties. Causes of weak immune system: Immune system can […]

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