better sleep is best cure in doctor’s book.

In our daily life we observe that problems and diseases are taking place in our society. Every second person is in trouble. But it is common now a days. Diseases like diabetes, cardiac and kidneys issues are common now. Some common causes are noise, water and land pollution which makes you unhealthy. But another problem is everyone is in tension. Some people have problem of jobs and business. Someone has health issues. Today we will talk about the tip that why good laugh and better sleep is key to health.

As the world’s wise man (Hakeem) Hazrat Luqman said that I have prepared many things for different diseases but give the love and attention to a patient is best cure ever. So make fun to others, with your families and friends.

How misuse of technologies ruined our health?

Due to technologies we do not sit with our relatives and do not enjoy the companies of our elders and grandparents. As technologies remove the distance, but the reality is we are near to the people who are far from us, and we are far from the people who are near to us. We do not enjoy and we do not laugh cheerfully with our families. The reason is we are far from our families. Everyone has its own phone and tablets and they are busy with them. People sleep late at night due to using phones. They do not know that it is the root of all problems. We spend our too much time by using phones and laptops. People have stopped listen others. We have stopped sharing with our families. The reason is technology’s misuse.

Having not a better sleep and good laugh is cause to brain damage.

As it is saying of wise people that better sleep is a type of meditation. If a person sleeps well means his brain is fully relax and he has more potential to work better. But in converse if a person does not sleep well means due to half sleep his brain is not in relax position and he has not much capacity for work. Your sleep decides functionality of your brain. When you work according to half sleep your brain tired instant. And due to tired brain your whole system can not work well. You can not enjoy with friends and family. Your mood remains off and your health starts getting down day by day then you move to depression. It is the point from where disease starts. So sleep well and enjoy your life.







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