Body Fitness Exercises at Home

Best body fitness exercises at home

Our body is a natural thing that try to adjust with environment. We are busy in our daily routine and mostly we ignore our body fitness. This routine can be bad affect on our next life and that time may it well very difficult for us. If you can not join gym or there is no any gym near house. Or you have no time to go for gym then here we will share with you some tips that can be easy for your full body workout at home exercises steps with pictures/ pics. You can do these best body fitness exercises at home in this your digital devices (computer/ Mobile and tabs)will help you .
body fitness exercises at home for ladies and men’s. And exercises are not different at some time. Now we are publishing list of 5 best simple exercises to do at home for beginner with detail. One thing keep remember that its depend on you if you are passionate with this and want to prevent body bad affect. Just look every day these exercises and bookmark this page and look daily and practice it daily. When a binger start exercises then he feel some changings in body. In starting it will be very difficult for you but with in one week it will become in your routine body fitness without equipment’s.

Lets start the exercise:

1:Barbells Bent Over Row

Basket for exercise at home for body fitness
basket exercise
This is the alternate exercise of gym. Just take a basket and put some weight in it as much that is easy for you . human body fitnessNow grab it from dual side and take it as like show in picture.

How much steps for triceps exercise ?.

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3 Steps and each steps with 12 to 14 Reps.

barbells exercise at home alternate for body fitness
This is the alternate of barbell exercise. This is a very easy Body fitness exercise that can arrange at home.

Exercise# 2 (BW Triceps Dips) Easy arrange for Body Fitness Exercises at home

This tips of exercise you can feel and workout like gym. If you want to do exercise of triceps then you can try it. Generally a triceps machine installed at gym and you just go and grab two stands and pull yourself. Alternate triceps fitness at home is shown in pic. You need for this just two stools with 2 -3 feet height as you can see in this picture.

triceps exercise alternate at home
body fitness with stools at home

You just fold you knees and put your hands on stools and pull up and down your body. This exercise makes strong your arms especially triceps and chest exercise.

How much steps for triceps exercise ?.

3 Steps and each steps with 10 to 15 Reps.

Exercise#3 Barbells biceps Curl Best in Body Fitness Exercises at home

Barbells biceps curl exercise will increase your biceps growth and arms fitness. In gym many barbells available and we pick do exercise as we need. But at home we will make resources and then start exercise. For this exercise you need two bags any kind of bag your school bag/ collage bag. Just put books and water bottles and increase weight of bag and must sure weight is same in these tow bags. These bags put one the both side of a stick/ wiper and exercise.

body fitness exercise with bags
Human body fitness at home

This is a very easy fitness exercise that can do everyone at home.

Steps and Reps for Biceps Curl ?

3 steps with 15 – 25 Reps in each step.

Exercise#4 Triceps Press Curl with Close Grip

You dont need any new thing for this just lay on bench and use same things that was for previous exercise. It will increase your stamina of Triceps Curl. Picture is mentioned here for this fitness exercise.

exercises for Body fitness at home
Men is exercising at home

This exercise is also good workout for chest.

Step for Triceps press curl ?

3 Steps with 10 – 14 Reps in one step.

Exercise# 5 (Dumbbells Incline Fly exercise for body fitness at home)

Exercise with bottles for body fitness at home
exercising with bottles at home

A very easy exercise alternate at home with no extra things. We needs dumbbells for this exercise. But we have a good solution that are bottles of water. Now we can do exercise with water Bottles. 3 litter, 5 litters bottle you can take from home and use that. These bottles are available on any store and may it also available at your home.

Watch these exercise step by step on YouTube the link is below:


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