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Body fitness and wellness


Another name of body fitness is physical wellness (physical fitness toolkit). Physical wellness means to keep your body fit by different steps. A wise man knows that health is most valuable thing in life. If you are healthy you can pay your duties in a good way. And if you are not healthy you can’t even do routine work. Different activities are there to keep your physical health well. Like eating well, better sleep, your good mood, daily exercises etc. To being physical active keeps you engage in daily routine works and affairs.

body fitness and wellness

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Physical wellness has some advantages. People who are tense for their fatness must follow the physical wellness tips. Wellness is all about the mental and social well-being and also absence of disease and infirmity. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Physical wellness helps your body to manage system in a good way. For example it can manage blood sugar and blood circulation etc. It also helps you to mental health and keeps your mood fresh. As you can develop your interest in every daily routine. And you feel fresh every time. Physical wellness means mental health (how you can boost your mental health)and if you are mentally healthy you can think learn and implement things more. Good health makes you sharp and increase your skills for long time.

Health is a state of body but wellness is a state of well being.

The quote indicates the difference between health and wellness. As the health is state of body, but wellness is state of being. It means in which condition you live, in which way you spent your life etc.

For Body fitness and wellness make good choices about eating sleeping, nutrition, prevention from unnecessary things such as alcohol and smoking etc. Furthermore prevention of those things which can cause disease and illness also. In addition you need to take regular exercise and good food. And live a well being (happy and in cheerful) to enjoy life.

For physical activities please check the videos.


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