Peshawari frying pan meat

Peshawari frying pan meat The following are the ingredients and recipes for making Peshawari fried meat. Equipment / Components One kilo of meat Garlic ten to twelve Half a kilo of tomatoes Two tablespoons of coriander Green pepper eight or nine Two tablespoons chopped red pepper Ginger one and a half inch piece Salt to […]

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Top pakistani dishes

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan Top 7MOST POPULAR PAKISTANI DISHES 01 BREAKFAST Halwa poori: Halwa poori is the trending pakistani dish for breakfast. Halwa is the typically made with the mixture of fried semolina and sugar liquid. then combined with nuts such as almonds. 02 MEAT DISHBALOCHISTAN pakistan : Sajji is the most popular […]

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Zarda recipe

Zarda recipe زردہ ڈش

HOME Zarda Recipe زردہ  Prepare the delicious zarda at home by the checking of the recipe online from this website ( You can get the needs ingredients required for this zarda recipe in your kitchen and the follow the method for perfect results of dish. INGREDIENTS FOR ZARDA 1. rice 1 Kilo grams2. sugar (as […]

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Chapli kabab

Chapli Recipe kabab چپلی کباب

Home  CHAPLI KABAB RECIPE    Chapli Kabab made is minced meat made in a patty shape. It is prepared with ground mutton or beef marinated with different spices. This dish the special dish in pakistan. Chapli kabab is most famous in peshawar pakistan. For Video chapli kabab CLICK HERE INGREDIENTS FOR CHAPLI KABAB 1. Beef […]

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Keema karahi

Keema karahi قیمہ کڑاہی

KARAHI KEEMA RECIPE (کڑاہی قیمہ)  Karahi Keema is delicious and the most famous desi Pakistani dish. keema karahi is a curry based dish served as a full course meal on lunch or dinner time. INGREDIENTS 1. Keema one pound2. Ginger 1 spoon3. Garlic paste 1 spoon4. Onion two (finely chopped)5. Tomatoes four (finely chopped)6. Green […]

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ایک ایسا مشروب جس کے پینے سے آپ کے جسم کے تمام درد ٹھیک ہوجائیں گے mashroob

ایک ایسا مشروب جس کے پینے سے آپ کے جسم کے تمام درد ٹھیک ہوجائیں گے mashroob بڑھتی ہوئی عمر کے ساتھ ساتھ جسم میں کمزوری کی وجہ سے ہڈیوں میں درد ہونا شروع ہو جاتا ہے۔ جس سے انسان جوڑوں کے درد میں مبتلا ہونے لگ جاتا ہے۔ اس درد کو کم کرنے کے […]

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Chiken karahi چکن کڑاہی

چکن کڑاہی ڈش Chiken karahi Dish

Special Chicken Karahi Recipe Chicken Karahi (چکن کڑاہی ) Recipe is the one of the most popular and consumed and the unique of pakistan. All housees hotels and restaurant has its own unique style of chiken karahi. No dinner party, Weddings And birthday party and enjoyed . INGREDIENTS FOR CHIKEN KARAHI: Chicken 1/2 kg Tomato […]

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Chiken Manchurian pakistan

Chiken Manchurian Dish چکن منچورین ڈش

8 Chicken Manchurian Recipe  (چکن منچورین)  The Chicken Manchurian dish is the most popular and the most favorite and healthy dish for the all time this is from the chinese dishes. Chicken Manchurian (چکن منچورین) is usually served with chinese chicken Fried Rice and Regular Meals.Manchurian dish in Famous chinese dish. Chicken manchurian recipe required […]

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Chicken curry

Chicken Curry Recipe in urdu – Recipe No. 4 چکن کری

چکن کری کی ترکیب – ترکیب نمبر 4 Required Ingredients for Chicken Curry Recipe (چکن کری کے لئے ضروری اجزاء) پکانے کے لیے اجزاء chicken curry چکن- 1 کلو پیاز (میڈیم) ، چھوٹی چھوٹی کٹی ہوئی – 4 عدد ادرک ، پسا ہوا – 2 عدد لہسن ، پسا ہوا – 2 عدد ٹماٹر ، […]

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Chiken tikka

How to prepare Chiken Tikka Dish in 50 mints Preparation time for require the chiken tikka dish: Chiken tikka Preparation time 10 mintsCooking time 30 mintsServes time 8 to 10 mints Ingredients required for chiken tikka : 1. Chiken required 8x pieces 2 kiloram.  2. Ginger paste required 1 tbsp. 3. Gralic paste required 1 […]

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