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Chubna Meaning in English

What is chubna meaning in english

In english, there are many meanings of one word. So we are trying to learn about the chubna meaning in English.

chubna in english

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The meanings of chubna or چبھنا in english is Affect. One other meaning is Prick.

Affect is not the exact meaning only. We write chubna in hindi “चुभना”. Because hindi and urdu are mostly same in roman language so the meaning of chubna in Urdu and in Hindi is Affect.

If something affect you then you can say these sentences in hindi and urdu. चुभना in english

kanta chubna

soi chubna, khirki chubna, seat belt chubna, joota chubna, kanta chubna, अ ग र ज, ज न, चुभना .

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