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Food is basic necessity of life. We can’t live without food. Because ALLAH ALIMIGHTY create us and provide us an environment. In Which we can live, work, eat and play. Healthy eating helps us to grow fast and strong. But when we use to eat unhealthy food or eat too much. Our Body system may not work properly. In this case your weight starts rising. And possibly you suffers from any disease like belly fat, heart issue weakness or any other. It is cause of eating disorder.


As we discussed earlier about the way of eating . It is dangerous for health. When you eat before hunger or eat too much it will be miserable for you. Every system whether it is  machine or human body system it will not absorb more then its range. Similarly if you want to stream oil in machine you can stream oil according to machine’s range. More oil can leak out or may be machine stop working due to overload. Same case is with human we can eat how much we have hunger not more than it. It is not just that you eat too much so you are suffering from eating disorder but if you are eating less than your body need and losing your weight. It also noted that you are suffering from disorder.

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Eating disorder has the bad effect on body. It may grow weight and due to weight gaining problem body shape will damage also. Eat time to time when you feel hungry. Hungry means your body needs food. Anorexia and orthorexia are the serious problems of eating in rush way.


It is the term that defines the problem in which people stop eating due to weight gain fear. It is dangerous as weight starts losing rapidly, hair starts falling. Including all these body shape becomes thin and weak.


Orthorexia is the eating disorder in which people eat too much. They rarely and sometime never focus on weight losing tips. Both orthorexia and anorexia are dangerous. Because in this people suffers too much health issues. It increases depression, heart issues and mental illness more.


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