Electricity Consumption home Appliances

Electricity Consumption

Electricity is the basic need at this time. You can not grow without electricity. Every thing in this modern time operating with electricity. We use many electric appliances in our daily life and some are very important to live. Today we will share electricity consumption of most using Electric appliances at home, office etc.

Firstly, we will know that “which electricity we use at home?”.

There are two types of current AC (Alternating Current) and DC(Direct Current). If we study history then we know DC (Direct Current) was used first in bulb invention. But this is most dangerous and gain high loss in long distance. So the second type of electricity AC (Alternating Current) we use to run home appliances.

What is kwh in electricity meter?

Kwh is the measurement of electricity consumption.

What is different in Unit and Kilo watt (kwh) in electricity consumption?

There is no difference between Unit and kwh. Mostly peoples confused in this question kwh and unit.

How to calculate electricity consumption units?

Usage of electricity units depend on the power of device (bulb, tv, Electric Iron, freezer, fan etc) and time. Here is a simple way how to calculate electricity units. Electricity units monthly consumption of different home appliances | kwh calculation.

Unit =  kwh

Electricity Formula:

W= Watts

I= Current

V= Voltage

W = I x V (Current multiply by voltage is called Watts)

what is Kwh?

K = kilo = 1000

w = watts

h = hour

Consumption of one thousand watts in an hour is called one unit.

watts to kwh

If we use a 100watts bulb for one hour then units consumption is

100w = 100/1000 = 0.1 kwh = 0.1 unit

watts divide by 1000 = kw

List of appliances watts consumption.  

List of Appliances Watts How many hours required for One Unit Consumption
Zero Watt Bulb 15 Watt 66.4 Hours
CFL Bulb 15 Watt 66.4 Hours
Bulb 60 Watt 16.14 Hours
Tube Light 40 Watt 18.11 Hours
Ceiling Fan 60 Watt 16.40 Hours
Fridge 165 Litr 100 Watt 10 Hours
Freezer 150-300 Watt 3.75 to 7.5 Hours
Juicer Machine 450 Watt 2u.13 Hours
Washing Machine 325 Watt 3 Hours
Electric Iron 750 Watt 1.25 Hours
Water Pump 750 Watt 1.25 Hours
Motor (1 horse power) 1000 Watt 1 Hour
Vacuum Cleaner 750 Watt 1.25 Hours
Television 100 Watt 10 Hours
Tape Recorder 20 Watt 50 Hours
Video Player 40 Watt 25 Hours
Microwave 600-1200 Watt 50 to 100 Minutes
Computer with LCD 80 Watt 12.50 Hours
Computer with Monitor 120 Watt 8.25 Hours
Laptop Charging 65-120 Watt 15.5 to 8.25 Hours
Scanner 10 Watt 100 Hours
Mobile Charger 5 Watt 200 Hours
Internet Modem 8 Watt 180 Hours
Electric Heater 1500-3000 Watt 20 to 40 Minutes (high electricity consumption item)
Air Conditioner – One & half Ton 1500 Watt 40 Minutes (high electricity consumption item)
A.C – 1 Ton 1000 Watt 1 Hour

Secondly, very soon we will publish a electricity consumption calculator. If you want this calculator then comment and share with other peoples to spread knowledge.


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