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Why we use energy drinks?


This era is full of artificial things. Everyone knows about it but we use the things more, despite to know the fact. We have not pure things to eat. At earlier centuries people eat home made things and they had been living many years. They died without any serious disease. But now a days we use artificial things. Wherever science is making progress we are falling down in the deep hole. Every thing made of different chemicals now. Energy drinks, fruit juices, junk foods, frozen foods and sweets. All are making from the chemicals for the better taste. But nothing is good for good health.


Now a days it is known to be a trend and fashion that when you feel less energy, or tired. You can use chemical and artificial drinks. After having those drinks you will feel fresh and energy. Which is false. These drinks do not provide sufficient strength to your body. It is true that when you feel tired you drink some other juices you feel fresh. So why you don’t use fresh fruits juices? Why you use chemical drinks to boost the power? A few time ago these drinks are called non-alcoholic but mow these contains on alcohol. With the passage of time people starts mixing other chemicals in these, and these drinks become more dangerous for humanity. 

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Energy drinks

Fresh juices at home can be made are beneficial for health. For a good taste you can search on internet how can we make it in different ways. Everything is available now. When you use different chemicals you may b feel energetic after some time. But it may b really harmful for your body specially for your muscles.

It is warning from WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION that these types of drinks contains high level of caffeine and alcohol. Spontaneously these can make you feel energetic but later on these might b serious health risks. These should be banned in the whole world now. But the companies who made these and the people who sell it out. They never be like to bane these. Because they are earning a high income from such products.

We can not stop the people to selling and we can not stop the people who are producing these products. But we can stop ourselves for using. Because we know the value of our health. We should take care of our health.



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