Everyone wants a good and healthy life. But no one wants to face hardships for body fitness. No one can take exercises. And everyone wants lose weight, a good body shape, a slim and smart body.  When we think about fitness, we also talk about the food that can make our body fit. But we do not think about exercises. If you do not exercise your muscles start getting weak. After some time body get disable to do work. Exercise for body fitness is as important as the water is for fish. A wise man said

Exercise does not change your body only, but it also changes your mood and attitude for life.

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You can live without exercise but you can not live a better and healthy life. For healthy life for a long time, exercise is better than another choice. Different exercises have different exercises are cardio exercises, like running and walking etc. Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, pushups, Burpees, side planks, glute bridge.


When you have some free time, you can do exercise. Most of the exercises do not take tough time but the 15 to 30 minutes only.

There are some exercises that a beginner can do easily. Like jumping jacks and squats or push ups.

  1. Cardio exercises help you to lose your weight. Make strength your legs and arms. Also help you to increase efficiency of your body.
  2. Jumping jacks are good for your legs and arms. These are good for hips and belly as well.
  3. It helps to keep your blood pressure normal and to control your sugar in blood.
  4. From exercises your body can get more oxygen for muscles and improves your brain health.
  5. It improves your sleep as it improve the health of brain. So sleep has a deep contact to your brain. When you have better sleep, it also good for your eyes and blood circulation of body.
  6. When you take exercise you need to take healthy diet as well. Because when you are trying to lose weight or a healthy weight by exercises so you should keep it mind that which thing is useful in diet.


Exercise for body fitness
                                       Jumping jacks

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