How to Fit Without Gym

How to Fit Without Gym

Fitness is wish to everyone. We work in daily life and mostly we don’t care our health and just focus on our work. Office workers can’t go easily to gym and want to be fit. But what is the possibility to fit without gym. You can workout at your home and near park.

Workout at home

How to workout at home ?


Before you start workout at home you must be control your diet. Diet can make your body lite and heavy. Fast foods  destroy human body. Best diet food will help you to improve you body make strong. Natural foods are best for human body fitness.


Exercise is the best solution to make your body fit. But how to start exercise at home. There are some exercises you can do at home.

1. Normal Pushups

push ups workout at home
push ups workout at home

Pushups at home are very easy to do. Anyone can do this easily. No need any external thing to do this. You can try and continue regularly exercise at home. This exercise will make your upper body strong and fit without gym.

Which muscles use during pushups

  1. Hands
  2. Arms
  3. shoulders
  4. biceps
  5. triceps
  6. abs
  7. Most of the effect Chest

This the the best exercise for chest at home.

2. bag as dumbbell

bag as dumbbell
bag as dumbbell

If you don’t have dumbbells and want to do exercise for abs at home. Then you don’t worry just take a bag and fill some weight in it as much you want. Now you can use this bas as dumbbell. This as all about the full body workout at home without any gym. For this no any equipment requried.


Jump Squats


Jumb Squats workout at home without gym
Jumb Squats workout at home without gym

Jump Squats are very easy to arrange. Just pull your bag on backside and start squatting exercise at home without gym.


3 Steps of  10 to 12 Reps



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