Fitness activities.

In our daily life we see some activities about body fitness. People do work out to keep themselves fit. Either they go to gym or they do thoso activities in their homes as a daily routine like jogging and cycling etc.


Running at a steady and gentle pace. It is also as body fitness activity. This form of exercise is great for maintain Weight and building a cardiology base to later perform more exercise. It helps body to warm up in winter burn calories and maintain the weight on the other hand it also keeps blood circulation normal. Jogging makes legs and arms strong and it plays an important role to make body shape.

Jogging is actually morning time exercise. Most of the people do it before going to office/ work and children before going to school. Morning exercise hold you fresh whole day. It keeps you safe from lungs problem and other fatigues.

fitness activity


There are too many fitness activities exist like swimming, running which make you healthy. But cycling is the activity which all age people do eagerly. It is an aerobic activity which means your blood, heart, vessels and lungs all get work out.

Riding a bicycle typically involves longer distances than walking or jogging. This is another low-impact exercise.

Undoubtly it is healthy activity but it cover long distance easily.

Cycling, fitness exercise
Healthy activity

Any time you can enjoy this exercise with your friends, cousins etc. Mostly people wnjoy cycling at evening with their friends, it helps to make your mind fresh on the other way it makes your friends too. Release your tension and worries.



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