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As we eat different types of food to live, some people are health conscious and they eat healthy food for healthy body but some like to eat spicy. It effects on our body as the brain is the most important organ of your body, A healthy brain keeps your body healthy. Healthy food makes brain strong. Healthy body is important for a long a healthy life.


Honey is the thing that works like a fuel for brain and help to preserve memory, it it is good to take before sleep as it works against cell damage, anti-septic and anti-oxidant.

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It is narrated in Sahih Bukhari, Prophet (SAW) said
"Honey is the remedy for every illness."


Figs serve as “brain food”. It maintains the functioning of heart, brain and nervous system. They contain vitamins and minerals. In the holy Quran it is mentioned as “the fruit of Heaven”.

"I swear by the fig and olive".

Olive Oil:

Olive oil helps to reducing stroke. It helps to maintain cholesterol level, makes bones strong and sharp the memory as well, as it is good for hair. It grows hairs. Use of olive oil helps in reducing breast cancer.

Mention in the Quran in first verse of surah teen.
"I swear by the fig and olive".
It is gift and heavenly fruit of Allah Almighty.


A fruit which is mentioned in Quran in surah Rehman Allah Almighty addressed to man that;

"Wherein are fruits and palm trees and pomegranates, so which of the favours of your lord will you deny?"

Benefits of pomegranate are, it helps to keeps blood pressure normal, it is also a anti-cancer and anti-aging as well, it is immune system booster fruit.
Juice of pomegranate helps to active blood functioning and increase mental health. Use of pomegranate protects teeth from disease.

Dates and Grapes:

Dates are important source of fiber and extremely
Important for the brain.
Also fruits of heaven and mentioned in Quran;

"And from the fruits of date, palm and grapes, you get wholesome drink and nutrition, behind in this is a sign for those who are wise" (16:67)

Our brain needs 100% sugar but that sugar should resolve in body steadily, fiber resolve sugar steadily in proper amount.

Grapes contain many important vitamins and minerals which are good for tissue health.
It fights against diabetes, cholesterol and heart issues.

Black seed(کلونجی):

Abu Hurrerah narrates that Prophet SAW said:

" use of black seed because it has relief for all disease except death".

It is anti-oxidant and anti- oxidant things protect body from many disease like heart problem, cancer, cholesterol and diabetes.

Cholesterol is fat like substance that is found in through out the body, high amount in blood
may increase the risk of heart attack, so black seed protect body against all these issues.

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