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Our habits make us either a good or a bad person. As it is true so If your habits are good means you are adorable personality and vice versa. When you adopt good things while eating you get healthy. For example when you wash your hands before and after eating. And when you eat food according to Sunnah like say prayer before and after the eating. These are good habit and good habits for body fitness as well.

People who do not wash their hands for eating or after eating. Off course they eat without any problem. But it is not a good habit. In a whole day, we use our hands for different tasks. And sometime our hands get dirty. So it is better and safe way to wash hands before eating.

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Good habits for body fitness

We should wash our hands after eating because we use our hands for eyes for and mouth as well. To prevent ourself from infections, make it routine to wash your hands after meal.

Don’t make voices while eating, when you chew food, chew softly and with your mouth closed. Chew food at least 32 times. And do not talk while eating. These are islamic methodologies created for human goodness. And also good habits for body fitness.

Drink water before eating not after. Allama ibn ul Qayyim (Rehmat ul Allah Aleh) mentioned that our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW did not drink water after meal as it creates problem to digestion.


We should eat simple and healthy diet. As it gives our body more energy than spicy and frozen foods. Make it habit to use more vegetables and fruits. Vegetable oils and fruit juices are also good for body fitness. Not other things like artificial juices like energy drinks, vodka and red bull etc.

Try to use less fats in your meal and saturated things. Fats are of different types. Milk and yogurt contain fats but the natural one which is good for us. But other fats (oily things) for example pakora and samosa etc are harmful or us.

Use dry fruits in a high number. And drink plenty of water on daily basis. Drink at least 8 litter water in a day. Eliminate sugar from your meal as much as you can. Because white sugar is known as white poison.

Good habits for body fitness

Use brown sugar and jaggery. Jaggery also helps your body to boost immunity (methods) and to give your body to enough strength to fight with viruses.

Adopt good habits and make your health good and live a happy life. As it is a common saying health is wealth. 




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