Health Tips for adults

Health Tips for adults

Good health is essential part of life. If you take healthy diet it means you have enough energy to work and live a better life. But if you do not take healthy diet, it means you have not enough energy. Some health tips are here:

Healthy diet makes you stronger. Always eat balance diet, if you eat more your body needs and your weight will increase. If you eat less you will lose weight than your body needs. Both conditions are harmful.

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  1. Your diet should be based on carbohydrates, starch and fibre but a one third of your food. They include pasta, potatoes and cereals. Do not forget to take low fats in your meal, like butter, oil on chips etc.
  2. Do not get thirsty. Drink water in a high amount as it keeps your kidneys fit and fresh which saves you from different disease. Drink 8 glass maximum in a day. It also keeps your skin fresh.
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables which contains in vitamins and minerals. These help body to grow. More you eat nutrient food more you grow.
  4. Take protein in a normal routine but in a normal amount. Everything that you will eat your body needs will harm your body, in the form of disease, it will effect you.
  5. Do not smoke and use alcohol it effects your body and even can cause of cancer. Use less salt and sugar in your food. more sugar and salt in blood may increase the risk of blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes. So avoid these things when while eating.
  6. Do not skip breakfast as it is first meal of your day and you start your day with a healthy and fresh diet, that keeps you active in a whole day. Food like milk and cereals, more fruits and fresh juices of fruits.
  7. Physical activities like playing games and exercise make your body active and keeps your body healthy. Inactive body can cause and house of diseases like heart issue and cancers. When stomach can not digest our food our blood circulation can not remains fit.


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