As everyone knows about eating. And it is basic need of life. But eat healthy eating makes your body strong. While unhealthy eating may cause several problems. It is trend and fashion now a days that people eat junk food as fashion. While it is not good for health. On road or near road everywhere and everyday restaurant opening ceremonies held. But some of those restaurants do not provide quality of food. Many restaurants provide expensive and cheap(in quality) material packings. Now a days in offices in homes people eat ordered meal. Like Pizza, burger, shawarma, ice cream, chicken nuggets, French fries, creamy and grilled things, pastries etc.

Fast food


  • Obesity refers the disadvantages of eating junk food. It is more unhealthy than home cooked meal. They use artificial chemicals to prepare the food like salt and other spices. That’s why it can be save for many days. It can also have many bacteria in it.
  • Another thing is that it contains too much carbs. Some of the carbs our body can resolve according to need, rest of the carbs stores in our body as fat. Which is the major source of gaining weight.
  • Fast food increase hunger because of its taste. No doubt that it has unique taste than our home cooked meal. It increase hunger so you crave to eat and eat again. But after sometime you feel that your digestive system is not supporting. The reason is unhealthy and artificial chemicals which are used in the food.
  • Now a days it is busy life of every person. Men and women both are job persons. Everyone is running faster than time. Cause of this it is not easy to manage a home activities for a woman. So they ordered for fast food. This give them chance to eat except to cook.
  • Eating this food can cause edema, bloating and swelling. Edema is a medical term in which small blood vessels leak fluids into nearby tissues. It is cause of inflammation in the body.
  • Due to increase of weight respiratory system starts failing. And due to this problem extra pressure on heart and kidneys may cause the attacks.
  • Reproductive system also can damage by eating fast food. While nervous system, even your nails and hairs also can effected from this.

Use quality meal to eat and try to keep yourself fit. Make a better choice live a long life with joy and wealth.




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