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Nutrient are the combination of different things in food. These are essential for our health and life. Our health depends on the nutrients. We eat different things in a day. But we do not know whether they have full of nutrients or not. There are 3 types of nutrients for example carbohydrates, fats and proteins. These are important things which made our body healthy. Disorder of these may cause serious health issues.


Carbohydrates are the main source of sugar. Most of the carbs are made up of starches and fiber. This provide our body glucose. When we eat food having carbs. Those carbs break down in the molecules of sugar in the digestive system. Later on after digestion this glucose mixed up in our sugar and make blood sugar.Glucose is important as it works as a fuel of our body. It gives us energy for work.

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It is good because it provides us fiber and glucose as well. But having too much carbs in food can be harmful. It can store more glucose in your body that can cause diabetes known as blood sugar. Food which have carbs are potatoes, beans, milk, soft drinks and popcorn etc.


Our body does not need one thing to be fit. As it needs some quantity of carbs on daily basis. It also needs proteins. It is good for our skin, hair and nails too. Furthermore it is useful for building the muscles health. Body considered to be healthy if muscles will be strong. In fact to lift up the weight, for walk, for run, for sitting standing. Every where we needs strong muscles to move. We can move easily if our muscles will be healthy. Moreover the things that have proteins are eggs, milk duck, chicken, fish, meat, onion and all dairy products.



Fats are another important part of nutrients. These are helpful to adjust or absorb all kinds of vitamins. But be careful about choosing amount and kind of fats. Medical science suggested “low fats diet”. Because too many are harmful for health. Vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean and olive oil are good for our health. If you cook you should cook your food in these oils. It is more better for you. Some other instances of fats are saturated like oils (butter, cheese etc), unsaturated (canola, soybean and fish etc) and trans fats (margarine, cookies, cakes etc). Having a large amount of all these may cause heart issues, weight gain problem and cholesterol level increment.


So use all of these but in a right way. Right way means in a best time and in a best amount.

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