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Eat Papaya and live long and healthy life .

Eat Papaya and live long and healthy life.

As everyone knows fruits are important for our body. These have vitamins and minerals required to us. Every fruit has its own benefits. And people like them according their choice. Someone likes mango, and someone banana. But today we will discuss about benefits of papaya. There is an observation that no one likes to eat papaya because of the taste. Although it has unique taste. While, it is not tasteless. Mostly it is used as a medicine. Like some people use it as a medicine of dengue virus. Juice of its leaves use as a treatment. Many people get recover from it.

Benefits of Papaya(Papita)

It has too many other benefits. Eat papaya and have good health. Papaya is full from vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to keep our lungs, heart, eyes and other organs fit. It also helps our body to heal from breakouts. So vitamin A is good health for us. From above all discussion it is noted that papaya is good for our health as vitamin A.

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In addition Papaya is good for stomach as it makes digestion faster. Now a days everyone has the stomach problem. As in our daily life we observe that if someone comes in our house he says that i can not eat spicy. I cant not eat salt as i have stomach problem. To get rid of these stomach problem papaya is good. After this people have weighted must use papaya ass their daily routine. It helps to keep your weight normal according to your age.

Benefits of papaya
         Eat and grow.

So where we are talking about age, it is a funny fact that women hide or tell a lie their age. When they are getting old. So if you have problem that people will laugh at your age, there is a general thing that can sort out your problem. You must eat papaya on daily basis because it is anti ageing. You will look as 10 years younger from your real age.

In our society now a days so many diseases are taking place. So the one thing is to prevent yourself from disease is the better immunity and best diet. Which can keeps your inner system well and no germs or no infected virus can infect you. Papaya is one of the good fruit as it boosts the immunity.

People who are suffering from diabetes must use this. From diabetes kidneys affect mostly. Benefit of papaya is that it is better for kidney’s health as well. After a few days you will feel better

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