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Allah Almighty makes human system complicated. A human system is capable to do so many works which other creatures can not do. Because of the body fitness human system needs good health. And for good health human system requires healthy diet as well. Good diet helps in body fitness. Human body needs sufficient nutrients and minerals. Like vitamins A, B, C, D, E, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These minerals can get by different things like vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and meats. All these include in healthy diet. Usage of these things can makes you healthy.

Now a days people use more oily things like samosa pakoras and other spicy things which are dangerous for our health. Too much fat can cause of heart issues, because this can low or high the pressure of blood that becomes out of control from heart. And it cause heart failure. Like wise too much carbohydrates can cause gain the weight. We should use all the things in a proper and balance way. So these can be beneficial for us, otherwise we will be in trouble. After this discussion, we will briefly discuss advantages of different foods which are good for us.

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Now a days everyone has health issues. Some has teeth and eye sight issues, some has nails issues that our nails get damage after some time. Other people have some serious health illness. So now a days everyone wants to get healthy. Here is a tip for those who wants to get healthy.

Eat simple and highly nutrient food. But in a proper way. Do not eat more before sleep or after a heavy meal. Because at that time it will not beneficial for you, it can cause health damage. So you have to eat not only good but in a good way as well.


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Apple is good for our health. It has full from nutrients and minerals. Good for your heart, and prevent cancer. Eating an apple daily can prevent diabetes.

Pineapple is another good and delicious fruit. Which is full from antioxidants. Antioxidants are the nutrients which can increase our immunity to fight against diseases. It makes your digestion better. Another amazing benefit is it can cause the the faster recovery after surgery.

Strawberry is a beautiful fruit by its face, but has more benefits in it. It is an amazing in its nature because the seeds of strawberry are on its skin. This fruit is good for our skin because it helps to fight against acne. It helps the skin to get smooth and glow. So people who wants to look beautiful should eat this.

Mango is a seasonal fruit. Which is known as king of fruits. Most of the people like this so much. It boosts your immunity and it is antioxidant fruit. Mango can increase health of eyes and heart. It also increase digestion.

Orange is also a seasonal fruit. Which is full from juice. Juice enhance the taste of it. It is good for our skin. Some people take advantages of its leaves for skin. Orange helps to stop production of wrinkles. And acne’s. It helps the skin to glow and shine.

Banana and dates are not good but excellent for us. Date is called fruit of heaven. It is sufficient to fulfill desired the energy of body.

If you eat Ajwa dates in morning you will be safe from magic and poison till night(at that day).

(Sahih bukhari hadith).

Bananas are good source of vitamin C and good for our skin. It boosts energy. One to two bananas daily are considered suitable for good health.


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Vegetables are also good for our health because it has more power and nutrients to keeps our body and weight balance.

Pumpkin is best for our health as it contains vitamins C and E. It can boost your immunity, give power to your system to fight against germs. It can also helps to increase the length of hairs. Afterward this is sunnah to eat this vegetable.

Spanish is source of zinc, fiber and iron. So it can increase the memory and brain functioning of humans. It is nutrient rich food contains magnesium.

Turnip is highly nutrient food. Turnips contains Vitamins B, A, K, C and E. Now think how much beneficial it will be for your body system.Boosts immunity and control blood sugar.

Carrot is gift from Allah, If we talk about the benefits of carrot, it is full of vitamins and it is good for eyes health. Carrot can increase the blood of body. It can lose weight also.

Brinjal is found high in antioxidant. It can increase the flow of blood in brain and makes person more efficient. Brinjal can reduce the risk of cancer.

So eat all the vegetables and fruits and eat milk as milk is excellent source of protein. Milk and dairy products can help to make your bones and teeth strong and keeps normal weight.


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