How depression effects your brain and mood?

How depression effects your brain and mood?

In our daily life we observe people with different disease. But they are physically sick and after sometime of medication they get cured. But some people who are mentally ill and can not behave normally. They get angry and rarely they get happy. This is called depression.

Depression is a situation in which your mood turns  aggressive and unhappy. Depression is a brain disorder actually, which effects your mood and whole body system. It effects your sleep, appetite and interest.

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Depression is like a jail in which you can not get out easily once you get in.
  1. Depression not only makes a person feel sad and dejected but also damage brain permanently.
  2. It kills the brain cells So the person has difficulties to remembering and concentrating once disease is over. Most of the patients can not recover fully.
  3. MRI’s and Scan can show the mental health and mental conditions like depression or any other.
  4. According to Researches depress brains found with thick grey matters.
  5. Depress heart can cause to brain inflammation in which brain cells die. And a person cannot act normally.
  6. Overthinking, fantasy, less sleep, Alzheimer, lack of appetite, over react, aggression, sad, feeling hopelessness and helplessness, unexplained  aches and pains are some major symptoms.

Causes of depression

Every thing has a background and every second story has another story in it. Likewise there are many causes of this. Some people do not know and they behave others badly.

  1. Loss in life may be cause of this disease. Like loss in business or any important thing.
  2. Some people get depress from any death of their beloved ones, and they can not be normal in life again.
  3. Serious illness, in which will power get decreased and person starts getting depress.
  4. Family history of depression may increase the risk as it include in genetics.
  5. Part of any past which is horrible like sometime kids got fear, and later on it can cause of fear and depression the most.
  6. Conflicts may increase the risk of depression like disputes with family or friends or beloved ones may get you depressed.

If you observe these symptoms in anyone closer to you, must advice him them to consult the psychiatric. You can easily get rid of this disease but if you consult doctor soon as u know about your disease because It is serious illness which can take you in your grave.

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