How Radiations cause to death

How Radiations cause to death

As the technology is growing, life is luxurious because of technology and inventions. Life become easily now but radiations cause death is too easy. Radiation is energy that comes from a source and and travels through space and may be able to penetrate livings. Light, radio, microwaves and even WiFi and Bluetooth waves are called radiations.

Each type of Radiations have enough power to penetrate materials. Radio waves are stronger than light waves, because these waves can go through even a thick wall. As WiFi signals can get by everyone in a home even sitting in separate rooms. Because these waves are much stronger.

Radiations penetrate living things .

As the radiations penetrate walls, these can go through the livings bodies, as birds humans and other things. For Human bodies these are much dangerous as they are cause to damage DNA and tissues and cause to effect the genes. It can effect organism order and can cause ti illness and even death. Radiations are source to generate cancer cells and tumors in bodies.

In our daily life we do not observe why we get sick?? But there are different reasons that tell us, if technology have some advantage then has disadvantages as well. As technology is getting fast death ratio is increasing as well. Not just this but diseases are also not coming slow.

Radio towers effect Honey Bees (Radiations cause).

Honey bees are the best creature of Allah, as they are beneficial for us because of honey. When these bees are going to search for sweets these bees makes a thin net as their way to home back, but as radio towers are planted everywhere. Due to those radiations bee’s net get damage and these bees forget their way back to home. And they can not make honey.

Cell towers effect Birds.

Birds are known to be very sensitive creature. If radio signals can go through the wall, and can damage a human body, then how birds can escape from this? While birds get more electromagnetic waves then humans because of their sensitivity. As the number of tower is increasing in the world, number of birds are getting down, and millions of birds die every year because of the plantation of cell towers.


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