Human body fitness tips.


Human body does not need only food. But it needs hygienic food. Hygienic food means food contains sufficient nutrient and minerals. When you take good care of your health by eating balance diet and by doing regular exercises. It means you are 90% safe from health issues. Healthy diet and exercise are one of the human body fitness tips.

Some people have no knowledge about the keratin as they only familiar with the terms vitamins A, B, C D, E protein and fats etc. And in which food the keratin founds. While they should have knowledge about the keratin. keratin is another fibrous protein which make the structure of outer layer of skin, nails and hairs. 

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Most of the people have issues that their nails are cracking, nails are getting start black and other nail issues. People also talk about their problems of hair like hair falling, breaking hairs and dandruff etc. So today we will talk about the human body fitness tips for hairs and nails problem. Which occurs due to lack of keratin in the body.

FOOD THAT CONTAINS KERATIN (Human body fitness tips).

Some food have keratin. By having those things in every meal we may have enough keratin on daily basis. Keratin helps body to increase nails, hair and skin health as well.

Eggs are important and known to be full of protein food. Eggs are also source of B12 and vitamin A. Taking an egg on daily basis also stable your health and fitness.

Human body fitness tips

Onion is another big source of keratin. As our women use the onion in daily cooking. But this is not enough. We eat fried onion in our curry. But should use it as salad.

Human body fitness tips

Salmon fish is good in omega 3. Also fish must be important as the part of your meal. It is full of protein and a great thing to overcome the hair and nails problems.

Human body fitness tips

 Mangoes are seasonal fruit. But when you find it in summer season, eat plenty of it. Because mangoes have many other health solution. Like it is good for eyes health. Best in keratin treatment. As it contains vitamin A, protein and vitamin B12.

 Carrots are the gods gift to human. It is root vegetable and loaded with vitamin C, also contains vitamin K1. Best for eyes and skin health. It has unlimited benefits. As  it is good for blood pressure and heart issues as well.





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