Immune system:

Immune system is a complex network of cells and proteins, which helps body to fight off disease and germs which are cause to disease or serious viruses. Strong immune system can help you to get a healthy body, while weak immune system can put you in difficulties.

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Causes of weak immune system:

  1. Immune system can get weak through different things which is dangerous for human body because weak immune system can’t save body from infections and diseases.
  2. Some people are drug addicts, like smoking and drinking alcohol which is harmful for immunity. Imbalanced diet like usage of too much fried food (fatty food) can also cause weak immunity.
  3. Stress and uncleanliness are the reason from those your immune system can get weak day by day.
  4. People with weak immune system may have many fatigues like pneumonia and different viruses and bacteria like COVID-19 can have devastating effect on a person with low immunity.
  5. People with low immunity can suffer from AIDS/HIV and other serious viruses which can later cause to death.

Signs of weak immunity:

  • Constant. Feeling if tiredness.
  • Joint and muscles aches
  • Sudden high fever.
  • Frequent cold, headche.
  • Poor wound healing, skin breakouts and boils.

How do you get a strong immunity?

Strong immunity helps you to being strong. There are different things by using them you can increase your immunity for a healthful life.

Strong immunity prevents body from diseases.
Strong immunity prevents body from diseases.
  • Regular exercise may increase your immunity.
  • Don’t use alcohol. It effects on your lungs and kidneys.
  • Get enough sleep. At least 6 to 8 hours in a day.
  • Take good care of cleanliness in offices and in homes. Wash your hands regularly not during just pandemics.
  • Try to minimize stress, because it directly effects brain.
  • Normal weight according to your age is better.
  • Eat a diet high in fruits, meat and vegetables. All green leaves vegetables are good for health.
  • Use plenty of water.
  • A positive environment may help you to get a strong immunity as well.

Signs of Strong Immune system:

  • Deep sleep at night indicates a good immune system.
  • If mosquito bite a red bumpy itch is a sign of your immune system is working good.
  • Sooner Recovery from fever or cold shows your immune system have better power to fight off.
  • When your wounds heal soon it shows your best immunity.

Eat healthy diet and do exercise on daily basis to keep your body fit and to boost your immune system for a healthy life.

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