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Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan
Top 7

Top pakistani dishes
Top pakistani dishes

01 BREAKFAST Halwa poori:

Halwa poori is the trending pakistani dish for breakfast. Halwa is the typically made with the mixture of fried semolina and sugar liquid. then combined with nuts such as almonds.

BALOCHISTAN pakistan :

Sajji is the most popular pakistani dishes. The dish originating from the province of Balochistan. Mear dish consists of marinated. and roasted lamb or chicken. The meat of lamb is typically marinate in salt. although it can also be combine with green papaya paste.
Traditionally, whole chickens are roasted over an open fire. When the properly prepare. the meat should be crisp on the outside.
That disih is recommended to serve the sajji with rice, naan bread, and raita dip.

03 Zarda dish :

The bright yellow zarda is the sweet pakistani rice dishs. which the consists of the rice cooked with milk and sugar liquid. Which the rice is cooked alongside natural food, which give the dishs. its unusual yellow color, and blend of traditional spices. most commonly cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron.

04 Seekh kabab dish’s :

Seekh kabab is the most delicious dishs in pakistan. Pakistani kababs variety the made with a combination of minced meat. onions, garlic, ginger, coriander, lemon juice, yogurt, and garam masala.

05 Nihari dish :

Nihari is the most popular meat-based dishs. The dish of originating from the Old Delhi india. When Pakistan wins independence in14 aug 1947, immigrants from Delhi India settled in Karachi. where they established their own hotels and restaurants. so nihar is also named with the Pakistani cuisine.

06 Chapli kabab dish (PESHAWAR) :

Chapli kabab is the specialty of a Pashtun dishs. This is made with the meat patty is prepared with the combination of minced beaf.
Chapli kababs are the traditionally served with dahi , salads, and naan or bread.

07 Chicken karahi dish:

Chicken karahi is the most popular dishs. that dishes is the most popular in Pakistan and North India. The word of karahi in its name of a thick and deep cooking .
When the prepared with mutton or beaf, the dish is the named known as gosht karahi. It is traditionally served with the rice, roti, or naan breads.





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