Your nails are mirror of your health

Your nails are mirror of your health

A nail is horn-like keratin plate at the tips of the fingers and toes. Fingernails and toenails are made of tough protective protein called alpha-keratin.which is found in hooves, horns, hairs and claws and nails as well. Due to imbalance diet somehow we get nails problem.

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We can protect nails due to best diet that is full of protein. Because this is important part of human body, which enhance beauty of fingers.

Many things that occur can signify about your health, like nailing, haring etc.

Nails Problem

When nails grow and they get pale, it is common issue of aging in 60 years. But it indicates to the serious health problem. These type of nailing problem indicates heart problem, anemia or liver disease and lake of nutrient in your diet, which is harmful.

White nails

White nails indicate the low red blood cells in your body. If your nails are white with little pink band it means you have a condition Terry’s nail.

Poor digestion of protein make your nails white. Due to liver problem, Kidney issue, zinc and iron deficiency you might have this problem.

Cracked nails problem.

When nails start cracking or brittle, lack of minerals and vitamins are cause of this nail disease.

To prevent nails brittle, you must eat healthy diet and take enough nutrients in your food.

Half-Moon on your nails

Shape of the Half-moon at your nails are also known as lunula. Most of people have small and whitish half moon on their nails attach to cuticle finger. according to medical science people having whitish half-moon are healthy.

Half moon on your nails shows your good health.
Half moon on your nails shows your good health.
  • White lunula are natural and sign of good health.
  • Purple or grey lunula indicates sever problems like digestion problem or blood circulation disorder.

If someone has not any lunula, should not worry because sometimes lunula are not visible. It is better to see a doctor because according to medical, most of the time no lunula is the sign of dangerous disease like silver poisoning.





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