Balaj name meaning in urdu (Muslim Baby Names)

Balaj name meaning in urdu.

Balaj name meaning in urdu is چمکنا and how to find the name of balaj meaning.

In urdu many words have more than 1 meanings. Balaj name of Muslim boys. The name of Balaj has many meanings in Islamic dictionary. Balaj is a word of arabic language and here we will know what is the meaning of Balaj name in english is “Shine”. Peoples that who believe on lucky number of Balaj is 1.

Muslim Name: Balaj
Name Gender Boy, Male
Balaj Meaning in urdu چمکنا, Roshan hona, Chamakna, Roshni wala. اردو میں بالاج کا مطلب چمکدار ہے


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