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Peshawari frying pan meat

Peshawari frying pan meat

The following are the ingredients and recipes for making Peshawari fried meat.

Equipment / Components

One kilo of meat
Garlic ten to twelve
Half a kilo of tomatoes
Two tablespoons of coriander
Green pepper eight or nine
Two tablespoons chopped red pepper
Ginger one and a half inch piece
Salt to taste
Two cups of oil
Three tablespoons of dried fenugreek

How to make Pashawari embroidered meat

In a cup of water, salt, garlic, finely chopped red pepper and dissolve in water. Mix it well and make a paste. Add oil or ghee, add this paste and fry it well. When it is well fried, add meat and fry well. Add enough water to melt the chicken. Then add tomatoes and ginger and fry until the water is dry. Once the water is dry, put the coriander in a frying pan and fry it well. Add dried fenugreek to it as well. Make a paste after frying lightly. When the chicken is well fried, add chopped red chillies, crushed fenugreek and coriander. Then close the lid and put it on low heat. When it is cooked, turn off the stove. Then put a little coriander on it. Serve in front of guests after ten to fifteen minutes. Your Peshawari meat frying pan is ready.

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