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Body fitness is not a hidden thing but it is popular. As everywhere in the talk shows, in the friends gathering and in a common gossip, everyone talk about their fitness issues. Someone talk about his fitness plan, other discuss about their diet plan or exercises. It is not a problem that arise in one decade. It is ever green topic that discuss in every where and every time. Today we will discuss about the quotes of body fitness of some wise personalities.

Health is not a thing which you can buy. It is from one of the valuable things.

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From this quote you can easily determine that you can even no can buy good health. Why? Because it is valuable thing. You can make money by good health. If you are healthy you can do work well. And you may b successful to earn. But if you have not good health. You are poor person.

A good health that you see outside actually starts from the inside.

Yes, it is true. If you are happy means you are healthy. And if you are healthy you have hope to do something or to find everything. The person who has hope has everything. He has a firm to do more good.  When a person who is satisfy and healthy from inside. Of course he will look healthy by his face. By his nature. And by his mood and attitude. Good mood, and good attitude determines your mental health. As our mental health increase by thinking good things. So keep your mental health good.


Sleep is another golden chain that ties our body to our health together.

Quotes for body fitness


Better sleep is essential for our health and skin as well. Furthermore when you do not take enough sleep stress hormone inactive in the body. And you start getting depress. When you sleep better your skin glows naturally. After it you feel fresh. Allah Almighty makes night to sleep. But sleep after the last prayer and wake before the first prayer is good time to sleep for human body. When we sleep at time our skin prevent from dark circles and eye problems. Moreover our skin repair automatically.

So keep your health good. Everything that you can do for your health you must do. Because health is wealth.



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