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French Fries Pizza Recipe In Urdu فرنچ فرائز پیزا

Make French Fries Pizza at home

French fries pizza Ingredients

Ingredients for French Fries pizza in the Urdu language.

Maida 3 cupp
Nimak hasbey zayega
Cheeni daidh khanay ka chamach
Khameer 2 Chamach
Lehson Powder Adha Khanay Ka chamach
Zaitoon ka Tail 3 Khanay K chamach
Aalo Adha Kilo
Pani (Garam Pani Ho to Behtar ha) Hasb – e zaroorat
Cooking oil Fry kranay k lia
Makhan 2 Khanay k chamach
Doodh 1 Cup
Hot Sauce 1 Chay ka chamach
Black Peper (Kaali Mirch) Powder Half Chay ka Chamach
Cheez Hasb e Zaroorat
Pyaz 1 adad
Gajar 1 Adad
Shimla Mirch 1 Adad
Mozila Cheez Hasb e Zaroorat


Tarkeeb For Make French Fries Pizza In Urdu

  1. baol mein meda, nimak, cheeni, khameer, lahsun Powder or Zaitoon ka tail daal kar achi terha sy mix karen.
  2.  Ab is mein hasbey zaroorat pani daal kar naram do goondh len aur killing se dhak kar tees minute rakh den.
  3. Phir Aluon ko cheel kar kaat lyn.
  4. Ab 1 bartan mein pani ubalnay den aur is mein aalo daal kar cholha band kar ke aluon ko garam pani mein 8 minute bigho kar rakhyn.
  5. Iss k bhad 1 pain ya krahi mein khanay ka tail garam karkay aluon ko thora golden brown honay tak friez kar len, French friez tayyar hain.
  6. Abi 1 pain mein makhan ko garam karyn or pighla kar is mein medah daal kar achi terh sy mix kar len aur aik minute tak pakka len or is mein thora thora karkay doodh daal kar achi terhan mix karty jayen taakay ghutlia nah rahen.
  7. Ab is mein cheez slice,hot Sauces aur kaali mirch daal kar achi terha mix karlen aur cholha band kar den or cholha band kar dein sauce tayyar hai.
  8. Iss k bhad goondha hua Maida (Dough) le kar do barabar hisson mein kaat kar pairay banayen aur roti ki shakal mein bail len. 1 backing pan mein doosri roti rakh is par pizza Sauce philayin or is par cheez, Shimla mirch, pyaaz aur fries daal kar 180 digree ke temperature par 15 se 20 minutes baking kar len.
  9. Phir is par cheez sauce philayin aur taaza dhaniya chidakyn French fries pizza tayyar hogya.

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