Anda Paratha Recipe at home

How to make Anda Paratha at Home

Required time = 15mins

Anda paratha is very famous in Asia. Peoples Mostly eat it in breakfast. Today we will tell you how to make Anda Paratha at home with simple recipe.

Ingrediants For Anda Paratha

Kneaded flour = 2 prathas

Eggs = 2

Onion = 1

Green peppers = 3

Green coriander = 2 tablespoons

Tomatoes = 1 piece

Cumin powder = Half a teaspoon

Red pepper = Half a teaspoon

Salt = Taste

Ghee = As Required


Mix eggs,  green coriander, tomato,onion, green pepper, cumin powder, red pepper and salt in a bowl.


First make pratha and put it on the stove and put half of the eggs mixture on the top of the Paratha and turn it over with a little ghee.


And on the other side also put ghee and pratha and Process Same.

Now its ready to eat. It is good for the peoples that who want to increase fats.




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