Everyone knows that it is age of competition. Competition in the sense of every field. Whether it is beauty or anything else. But now a days, it is most tough competition age of beauty especially among women. Women of every field needs beauty either they are actresses, models, house wives, college girls, university students or even school girls. Everybody wants glowing skin.

But not everyone can afford the expense of beauty parlors. Some people can not fulfil their luxurious needs. So the Question is “HOW CAN THEY MAKE THEIR SKIN GLOWING IN HOMES?”

It is the best way to apply tips in homes instead of parlor. Because most of the facial creams, artificial chemicals and foundations can damage your skin. Although it is need of every girl, but you may be take care of about the selection of the fashion you are going to wear/apply. May be you observed that when you go to parlor thee parlor girl offers you more things than you need to make their own bill. So please take care of this thing. If you want to go parlor you should select the branded or qualitative. Most of the people used to go parlor on every occasion and after some time their skin may be addicted of skin treatment. Without that their face or their whole skin looks bad. Like some people have rashes on the skin or acnes or holes on the skin, which is alarming.


As it is competition era but now ladies are possessive about their fashion. They want their fashion tips hidden/secret. If someone ask them about their shining skin they replied OH Thanks but it is natural. I do not apply any massage cream, facial or scrub. I cleansed my skin daily, and that makes me beautiful


  1. Take some gram flour in a bowl. Then mix some turmeric in the flour. Add some rose water and one table spoon milk in it. Then mash it well. After mashing all ingredients, apply on your face. After 10 minutes do massage for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face or the part on which you applied. You will see the results skin will be shiny and glowing.
  2. When you use make up and mostly girls do not know about the removing methods of make up, they directly wash their faces. Which is not good. When you apply make up and you want to remove. You must cleanse your face with a good cleansing lotion. Then wash your face. It will give you be a good result.
  3. Use aloe Vera as best beauty tip(Click to see more beauty tips). It is more beneficial for your skin. It helps the skin to glow.
  4. Use more water to drink. Tea or caffeine are good but not the most.
  5. Eat fruits more as you can eat. In winter or in summer, seasonal fruits are beneficial and god’s gift.
  6. Bananas, oranges, lemon juices, apple, mango, strawberry are the best fruits for skin. And eat healthy diet
  7. Daily exercise can help you to shine your face, and make your skin glowing.
  8. Protect your skin from the sun specially in summer. It can burns your tissues in result your skin looks dark.
  9. Use sunblock or in the case you do not want to buy you should use aloe Vera as it works like sunblock.
  10. Do not take stress as it can starts ending glow of your face and your face looks dull and dry. Do healthy activities.

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skin glowing
skin glowing

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