Sleepwalkers do dangerous things while asleep.

Sleepwalkers do dangerous things while asleep.

In our daily life we observe different things that happens in different way. Sleeping is the routine task when we get tired our body demand for rest. Allah Almighty make day for work and night for rest(sleep). So you can gauge that how important sleep is.  But we hear in our daily life that some people walk while asleep called sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder actually, that is also called Parasomnia. It is called a border between wakefulness and sleepiness.

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Young man sleepwalking at his home dress with nightclothes.

Today we will talk about this fact.We will discuss the points:

  • Is sleepwalking dangerous or bad for health?
  • Can a sleepwalker kill you?
  • Causes of this problem.
  • Is there any treatment for this problem?

Is it dangerous or bad for health?

As some people wake up while sleep and they react as they are in their sense, they sit, they stand and sometimes they start walking. This type of waking is not dangerous but sometime sleepwalkers do dangerous things like slap someone or hurt others, if someone else come in their way.

Actually sleepwalkers are not wake, their eyes are open but they are absent minded in this situation. People with this problem have not enough energy to focus things.

If a person do not have good sleep it is dangerous for health. Then what about sleepwalking?

Yes it is dangerous for health because as people run or walk in this situation, they can fall while these actions. And can injure the most. People with problem can even drive a car which can cause the serious accident. This is dangerous for bed partner and house mates as well.

Can a sleepwalker kills you?

Yes sleepwalking is a dangerous problem for a sleepwalker and for their mates also. It can take life of others with a sleepwalker. It is dangerous as people with evil minded can do different things by the sleepwalkers. Some people use the sleepwalkers for murders. Because a sleepwalker wake but remains in sleep state in which he does not know the difference of hell and heaven.

Causes of sleepwalking.

Every problem has any causes, nothing happens without reason. Likewise sleepwalking has some causes.

  • It might be genetic problem like if someone in your family affected by this problem in present or in past is is known as your family history, so one of th reason is this.
  • Some people effect by this if they are suffering from high fever.
  • Another cause that make you a sleepwalker is brain injury, in any accident if your brain injured it can cause this problem as our brain has a deep relation with our sleep and rest and major functioning as well.
  • Stress, use of medicines and taking alcohol are some other causes of this dangerous problem.

Treatment of sleepwalking.

Different diseases have different treatment, as these are treated according to the patient’s ages and problems. It can be treated also according to problem whether it is normal or severe.

If you found this problems and symptoms in yourself or your close family members, try to consult doctor as soon as possible.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the treatment. It is form of talk therapy, that counts negative thinking and read the mind of a person. Through this therapy a doctor can read the mind and according to that he can treat well.

Through also medication this is treatable problem.

So do not get worry about it if you have this problem then do not shy to consult the doctor.




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