Chapli kabab

Chapli Recipe kabab چپلی کباب

Home  CHAPLI KABAB RECIPE    Chapli Kabab made is minced meat made in a patty shape. It is prepared with ground mutton or beef marinated with different spices. This dish the special dish in pakistan. Chapli kabab is most famous in peshawar pakistan. For Video chapli kabab CLICK HERE INGREDIENTS FOR CHAPLI KABAB 1. Beef […]

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Chiken karahi چکن کڑاہی

چکن کڑاہی ڈش Chiken karahi Dish

Special Chicken Karahi Recipe Chicken Karahi (چکن کڑاہی ) Recipe is the one of the most popular and consumed and the unique of pakistan. All housees hotels and restaurant has its own unique style of chiken karahi. No dinner party, Weddings And birthday party and enjoyed . INGREDIENTS FOR CHIKEN KARAHI: Chicken 1/2 kg Tomato […]

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