Top pakistani dishes

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan Top 7MOST POPULAR PAKISTANI DISHES 01 BREAKFAST Halwa poori: Halwa poori is the trending pakistani dish for breakfast. Halwa is the typically made with the mixture of fried semolina and sugar liquid. then combined with nuts such as almonds. 02 MEAT DISHBALOCHISTAN pakistan : Sajji is the most popular […]

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Human body fitness tips.

WHY KERATIN IS IMPORTANT AS HUMAN BODY FITNESS TIPS? Human body does not need only food. But it needs hygienic food. Hygienic food means food contains sufficient nutrient and minerals. When you take good care of your health by eating balance diet and by doing regular exercises. It means you are 90% safe from health […]

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 EXERCISE FOR BODY FITNESS. Everyone wants a good and healthy life. But no one wants to face hardships for body fitness. No one can take exercises. And everyone wants lose weight, a good body shape, a slim and smart body.  When we think about fitness, we also talk about the food that can make our […]

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Zarda recipe

Zarda recipe زردہ ڈش

HOME Zarda Recipe زردہ  Prepare the delicious zarda at home by the checking of the recipe online from this website ( You can get the needs ingredients required for this zarda recipe in your kitchen and the follow the method for perfect results of dish. INGREDIENTS FOR ZARDA 1. rice 1 Kilo grams2. sugar (as […]

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Chapli kabab

Chapli Recipe kabab چپلی کباب

Home  CHAPLI KABAB RECIPE    Chapli Kabab made is minced meat made in a patty shape. It is prepared with ground mutton or beef marinated with different spices. This dish the special dish in pakistan. Chapli kabab is most famous in peshawar pakistan. For Video chapli kabab CLICK HERE INGREDIENTS FOR CHAPLI KABAB 1. Beef […]

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Keema karahi

Keema karahi قیمہ کڑاہی

KARAHI KEEMA RECIPE (کڑاہی قیمہ)  Karahi Keema is delicious and the most famous desi Pakistani dish. keema karahi is a curry based dish served as a full course meal on lunch or dinner time. INGREDIENTS 1. Keema one pound2. Ginger 1 spoon3. Garlic paste 1 spoon4. Onion two (finely chopped)5. Tomatoes four (finely chopped)6. Green […]

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FOOD FOR BODY FITNESS. Allah Almighty makes human system complicated. A human system is capable to do so many works which other creatures can not do. Because of the body fitness human system needs good health. And for good health human system requires healthy diet as well. Good diet helps in body fitness. Human body […]

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