Top pakistani dishes

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan

Most famous 7 Dishes in Pakistan Top 7MOST POPULAR PAKISTANI DISHES 01 BREAKFAST Halwa poori: Halwa poori is the trending pakistani dish for breakfast. Halwa is the typically made with the mixture of fried semolina and sugar liquid. then combined with nuts such as almonds. 02 MEAT DISHBALOCHISTAN pakistan : Sajji is the most popular […]

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Zarda recipe

Zarda recipe زردہ ڈش

HOME Zarda Recipe زردہ  Prepare the delicious zarda at home by the checking of the recipe online from this website ( You can get the needs ingredients required for this zarda recipe in your kitchen and the follow the method for perfect results of dish. INGREDIENTS FOR ZARDA 1. rice 1 Kilo grams2. sugar (as […]

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