Top Government Institutes of Online Education in Pakistan.

Online Education

Online education is the type of education. Where students study with the usage of internet with the help of computer, Laptop, Mobiles and other electronics devices. Online education system is flexible and give facility to become educate without going to institute. All lectures and written handouts deliver on internet to students. In last year when corona-virus pandemic every business effect and peoples locked down at their homes. During this environment every student can’t attend classes to schools and colleges. Due to the education importance online education system launching all over the world. Many countries started LMS (Learning Management System).

What is LMS

LMS (Learning Management System) is online study system in which institute launch a website and assign a online id to attend online classes.

If you want to take online courses and want to learn anything you can check list of courses and enroll.

Best Online Education Websites

There are many websites offers different online study courses. Even now days you can learn anything from the internet. Today we will share some of the top websites of online education:

  1. ilamkidunya

If you wan to learn and study from you computer and mobile this website give you many options to become a good student without leaving your home. Top Categories of are mentioned in the list

You can learn from official channel of Ilamkidunya on Youtube .

2. Digiskills


Organized by the Government of Pakistan a big digital online study system where you can learn about digital technology. This is a free teaching website that offer 3 months digiskills courses to students. If you are passionate and want to earn money form digital technology then this is a good platform to learn digital fields.

list of Digiskills courses.

In digiskills students called Trainees. Trainees can enrolled and learn 2 courses in one time. 1st time enrolling trainees have one optional course and one mandatory (Freelancing).

And one thing we want to share this website admin (Attique Arshad) is student of digiskills.

3. coursera


5. Skillshare

6. Instructor

7. PICS (Pakistan Institute Of Computer Sciences)

8. Live-training Lab






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