Name meaning in Urdu

Umar name meaning in urdu عمر

What is umar name meaning. Find the Umar name meaning in urdu. Umar is a Muslim baby boy name. Some people predict the lucky number. But we don’t recommend for Islamic baby lucky number. Umar name meaning in English is long-lived.


Umar, Umer

Umar name meaning in Urdu Meaning

عمر- مدت-عرصہ
Religion Name اسلام (Islam)
Umar name Gender Male (مرد)

Umar ka urdu ma matlab h k lambi zindgi. umar name he zindigi ka h.

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Umar name meaning in English is long lived.

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Umar aik islamic name h umar is a arabic languge word which means to long live. we are finding the best results for name meaning and make it easy and short. Urdu me umar ka matlab kia h.

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