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Use of salt in food | Use of Salt

Use of Salt in food.

As our ladies use salt in most of the food. It is use to enhance the taste of the food. Some people use it at the end of cooked food but some use it while cooking. If we use salt at the end it hits our tongue directly. Salt are different types like sea salt and table salt.

Use of salt in benficial but too much use of salt is harmful

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Benfits of Use of salt in food:

Salt is an important nutrient for body. It maintains the blood pressure and nerves function and muscles improves digestion as it is great source of minerals and balance electrolytes. It is best for skin health.

Salt is also use to preserve food as it sucks the water to kills the bacteria and save the food for a long time. It also uses to preserve meat and fish. Salt mixes with water also kills bacteria of mouth as you swish it around your mouth.

Sea salt is naturly anti-septic. It has been used  for thousands of years for wound cleansing. Many years ago people throw salt on wounds that’s why their wounds did not turn into infections.

Sea salt is better for cooking and for other uses.

Too much Use of salt in food is harmful

for health :

As the salt is beneficial but little salt is. Too much use is dangerous for health.

  • High quantity of salt may be cause of high blood pressure and hyper-tension.
  • Too much salt may attack on your heart health. If you have heart disease, then use of salt may cause of shortness of breathe and hospitalisation.
  • It also effects on kidneys, if you are suffering from kidney infection then it will cause of bloating (swollen state of kidneys).
  • High quantity of salt may increase the risk of complications in diabetes.

Use salt in a low quantity or a normal quantity, more of it may increase sodium in your body which can later cause to swear disease.

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