What is butter, its uses and some prescriptions

What is butter, its uses and some prescriptions

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Butter is a food that has nothing to compete with. There are a different other uses as well. It is also used as a cosmetic, tonic and ointment. Its also called the magic food. It is a yellow food that we can eat on top of double bread and on top of bread. There is no substitute for butter and its flavor. Butter is very important in Indian territory. It consists mostly of butter fat which is obtained from milk and cream. In many areas, butter is obtained from cow’s milk, but in most areas, butter is also obtained from the milk of sheep, goats and horses.

(What is butter, its uses and some prescriptions)
Uses of butter

Butter is used in cooking but there are other uses as well. It is used as a holy ointment. Ghee is highly valued for herbal ointments. Used to make medicines for burns, scars and various types of wounds. In the old days, butter was also used as a hair and tonic. Butter is also used in Greece to make special medicines. In ancient times, butter was also used as a face cream.

A few recipes for butter

Don’t think it is good to use anything low fat except butter in cooking as you will not get any benefit out of it. Cover the butter well in the fridge. Don’t use butter in very fragrant things that already have a lot of fragrance because butter has the ability to absorb odors. Never melt butter in a microwave oven. If you want to melt it, melt it at normal room temperature. Do not freeze butter for more than three to four months. Butter kept in bright light stinks.
Also, melt the butter at normal temperature to make a sandwich. We can also use butter to make pratha.

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