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What is Satellite ?

Satellite is an combination of electronics and mechanical technology. which moves around the earth and receive signals from the earth (Via transmitter) and through it to desired location ( The receiver). It works just like reflector.

How Satellite Works ?

Satellite receive the signals form one station and through it to another station.

What is Alternate of Satellite ?

There is no better alternate of satellite. because it works without any wire and use for long distance. It can travel data form one country to another country even one continent to other continent. One thing can replace that is OFC (Optical Fiber Cable).

How much data can transmit ?

Before the we know about data transfer rate we need to know which type of data transmit by satellite. There is an process to before transmit. We minimize the data rate via coders. coder zip the file and minimize data in low size and send it to transmitter and transmitter transmit. For Maximize and minimize data size we use the DCME (digital circuit multiplication equipment).

(digital circuit multiplication equipment) dcme satellite

How DCME Satellite equipment works ?

DCME is an circuit that convert many signals into one signal and compress it. It works on coding system that apply on signal and reduce signal size. If we have 2mb data signals more than one signal A, B, C, D each signal has 2mb data. Total data size is 2mb x 4 = 8mb. DCME compress it and make one signal “E”. We are thinking signal E = 8mb. But main purpose of DCME is compress this data and make it 2mb. This 2mb will transmit easily from transmitter. Same scenario apply on the both side from where signal transmit and to where signal receive. When signal received from the receiver this 2mb “E” signal will convert in Signal A, B, C, D and achieve desired data.

One card of DCME have 20 x 2mb capacity available to convert it in 2mb data.

If you are transmitting voice calls from satellite then 30 calls can make at same time with 2mb data. When we convert 20 x 2mb data in 2mb with DCME then 600 calls can make at same time. on the other hand if we use internet data with same procedure then we can connect 40 computers with 1mb speed each.


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