Who invent (Inventors and their inventions)


A new thing that (technical guru) created first time in the world is called invention. And the person who invent that thing is called an inventor.

What is the invention

A different thing that make the work easy and reliable then the previous time is called invention.


The man/ woman who invents/ create new things is called an inventor.

Inventors and their inventions

1. Who invented the Tooth Brush

William Addis

2. Who invented the Color Television

Hovannes Adamian

3. Who invented the Video Game Console

Ralph H.Baer

4.who invented Microprocessor

Federico Faggin

5. Who invented Liquid Crystal Display

James Fergason

6. Who invented Contact Lens

Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick

7. Who invented Hard disk drive

Reynold B. Johnson

8. who invented Ethernet

Robert Metcalfe

9. who invented Telescope

Hans Lippershey

10. who invented Atomic Bomb

J. Robert Oppenheimer

11. who invented Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer

12. who invented Steam Engine

Thomas Savery

13. Who invent Diesel Engine

Rudolf Diesel

14. Who invent Search Engine

Alan Emtage

15. who invented the Bulb

Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan

16. Who invent electricity

Benjamin Franklin

17. Who invented Computer

Charles Babbage

18. Who invented Mobile

Martin Cooper

19. Who invented the first watch

Peter Heinlein

What was the first watch that was invented?

A clock is an instrument used to measure the passage of time. If we use the definition of a clock, the first one that was invented is the sundial, which was invented by the Egyptians. Then we have seen multiple kinds of watches until the invention of the first modern watch, the mechanical watch.

What was the first mechanical watch

It was invented by Pope Sylvester in 947 during his stay as a monk in a monastery in France. There he invented the caster clock, a sophisticated but little precise gadget. It was delayed several hours a day. Although its precision was minimal, it was an advance for humanity, making possible the invention of watches as we know them today.






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