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As season changes, some good and bad impacts occur on body. Everyone has a different type of skin. Like some people have oily and some have dry skin. Both types are good but in a specific time. For example dry skin is better in summer as we feel sweat already. But bad in winter because we need moisturizer in winter to protect our body from dryness. Similarly Oily skin is good in winter but it gives fatigue in summer. While some people have the skin that can change its mode according to season neither oily nor dry. So people need tips for winter skin care. Because in summer season we feel good to wash our hands and face due to hotness. But in winter we can’t apply cream and lotion again and again. So to get rid of to this problem. We will discuss today.

  • winter skin carePeople who have dry skin must eat oily and hydrated food. Like your body needs for Omega 3 must be fulfill.
  • If you have much problem of dryness, you must take care that don’t sit near to fire or gas heater. Avoid heat.
  • Use most of the vegetables.
  • Now a days most of the companies offer the winter cold creams that are actually not good. May be those products can cure your body transitorily. But in future may be you see its bad effects. So don’t use moisturizer creams and soaps too much.
  • Take care of your diet. And use olive oil and almond oil for your skin care.
  • You may use aloe Vera for your skin care. It has many helpful for your skin. Like it can tight your skin, take care of your skin from dust and protect your as sun block.
  • Use honey in diet and if you want to do massage you can do that.
  • Mix up one or two lemons in the glycerin and rose water then apple on your body. you will see its outstanding results after one day.

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